My name is Gilberto Costa, or Gika, for friends and family,  and I was born in Luanda, Angola, and with four years old I moved with my family to the northern region of Portugal.

At 17 I went to the city of Porto to do a degree in civil engineering at Porto University. For more than 10 years I worked in Portugal in a construction company, having the opportunity to travel in service to several parts of the country, and go overseas whenever I could.

After that, during almost 4 years I worked and lived in Mozambique, where, between works, I established a great base to travel and know Southern and Eastern Africa.

At 2016 I moved again, now to Brazil, for work, and of course taking advantage again of my new working place, I am currently knowing better this side of the world, which is South America.

Although being an engineer as professional, travel and photography are my biggest passions. This love for the unknown took me to some places in the world (not yet enough), and I was able to know new people and cultures, different landscapes, exotic natural life and astonishing cities.

In this page you can find some images that I took in those travels. Keep up for updates and please...if you have the chance, see the photos in a proper screen (no smartphones, thks).

For more information and special offers please contact me in gikavascosta@gmail.comYou can follow my work also in Facebook and Instagram.

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